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"Understanding and Coping with Illness Anxiety"

By Phil Lane, MSW, LCSW

About the Book


This book explores health-related anxiety and offers practical guidance and healing in a readable, accessible presentation.

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ISBN: 9781032637914

Pages: 80

Publisher: Routledge

Table of Contents: 1. Understanding Illness Anxiety Disorder  2. Coping With Illness Anxiety  3. Recovering from Illness Anxiety Disorder  4. Tools and Exercises for Coping With IAD


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Book Description

This book is both a clinical and accessible guide, offering comfort and psychoeducation to readers as well as needed psychological explanation of concepts to mental health and medical professionals In the continually evolving aftermath of the global pandemic, the importance of understanding how disease, illness, and health affect our emotional and mental wellbeing, and how each influences the other, cannot be understated. The book is divided into four sections: 1) an accessible yet detailed description of what illness anxiety is and its diagnostic criteria, including case examples; 2) a practically applicable description and delineation of coping strategies for managing illness-related anxiety, including bullet points and diagrams; 3) a section describing how patients heal from Illness Anxiety Disorder, including case examples and, 4) a section containing practical exercises, meditations, and activities to assist the reader in learning coping strategies. This section can also be utilized by mental health professionals to use for treatment with their clients. This book is a relevant, timely, and needed resource that will highlight an underrepresented area of the psychological literature.


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