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What is your experience?
I have worked in a variety of settings, including community mental health, outpatient, and private
practice. Additionally, I have provided in-home therapy to children and adolescents and facilitated group

What are your credentials?
I have a master’s degree in social work and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I am licensed
in the state of New Jersey to provide psychotherapy. In order to attain licensure, I completed a two-year
graduate program including two internships, passed two required board examinations, and completed
3,000 hours of supervised clinical work.

What are your specialties?
I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, panic disorders, mood disorders, life transition challenges,
grief and loss, suicidal ideation and self-harm, relationship issues, and trauma and PTSD.


Who do you work with?
I work with adolescents (aged 13 and up) and adults of all ages.


Where do you practice?
My office is located in Pennington, NJ (Mercer County), and is convenient to Trenton, Princeton,
Lawrence, Ewing, Lambertville, Hopewell, and other areas of Central New Jersey.


What type of therapy do you provide?
I provide therapy that is tailored to your unique needs. As I learn about you and what has brought you
to therapy, I will work to personalize it in order to be as helpful to you as possible.


What theoretical approaches do you use?
While I draw from a variety of theoretical approaches, I see myself as a Humanistic psychotherapist,
with an emphasis on helping you view yourself in a kind and compassionate way. I am well-versed in
approaches including, but not limited to, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral
Therapy (DBT), Existential Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness-
Based Therapy, Strengths-Based Therapy and Client-Centered Therapy.


Why did you become a therapist?
Therapy has been helpful to me in my own life. It has taught me how to cope with anxiety and other life
challenges. I became interested in learning more about psychology and mental health as a result of my
own self-work, which led me to studying social work and becoming a mental health professional.


What are your personal beliefs about therapy?
I believe that therapy is meant to be a place of trust, empathy, empowerment, and compassion. I take
great pride in being able to help you and I view our clinical relationship as sacred and I will always strive
to take a non-judgmental stance. My role is to support you as we navigate through whatever unique
challenges you are facing.


Do you accept insurance?

No, but I am happy to provide you with an itemized receipt to submit to your insurance carrier for
possible reimbursement.


Why don’t you accept insurance?
As a one-person operation, accepting insurance is challenging as it requires a great deal of
administrative work as well as uncertainty as to when payment will be received. Therefore, in the
interest of being available to as many clients as possible without spending undue time on paperwork
and administration, I opt to work out-of-network.


What is your hourly session rate?
$125 per 55-minute session, payable by cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle.


Do you offer a sliding scale/discounted payment option?
Yes, however I keep a limited number of these slots in my schedule and they may not always be
available but you are always welcome to inquire about if it is an option. I do this to help those clients for
whom finances may create a barrier to treatment.


Do you offer a free consultation?
Yes, I am happy to speak with you prior to setting up a first session to ensure that we are a good fit to
work together. Typically, this is a 15-minute phone call, video meeting, or in-person meeting, depending
on your preference.


Do you offer telehealth appointments?
Yes, however I keep a limited number of remote sessions available as my preference is to see clients in-
person. Please feel free to inquire about if remote sessions are currently available.

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