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Life can be complicated.
Therapy can help you untangle things and live more peacefully and authentically. 

About Me

Are you looking for a supportive, compassionate, and solution-focused therapy approach that will help you feel empowered and confident in your own life? I believe in helping clients feel that they are the experts in their own lives, that they can trust themselves, and that they are deserving of all of life's good things. 

I will work with you through a collaborative approach to identify challenges, understand your emotions and behaviors, and learn healthy coping skills for navigating life's complexities. You will feel supported and validated throughout our work together. 

I specialize in treating anxiety and panic, chronic stress, trauma, and helping with life transitions and men's issues. Read more about me here.


What I Specialize In


Anxiety and panic can feel like being stuck on a treadmill. I can help you to reduce the impact of anxiety on your daily life and to feel you have power over anxiety and panic.


Coping Skills

We all need accessible and effective tools for navigating life's challenges. I can help you build your coping toolbox and learn effective strategies for managing challenges.

Life Transitions

Major changes in our lives can be overwhelming and frightening. I can help you navigate life transitions with confidence and to view yourself as competent and capable.

Men's Issues

The mental health challenges that men face are often downplayed. I believe in destigmatizing and promoting and improving men's mental health. 


Trauma can leave a lasting imprint on us and our ability to engage fully with our lives. I can help you work toward recovery from trauma and reconnection with your life.

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